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retarded tiger


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: that tiger was born with a toomer soo..u guys r stupid wasting ur time looking at this pic GROW UP :/

Posted: 2013-03-19 14:38:53

mark: Autism runs in the wild too ha

Posted: 2012-07-07 03:08:30

mancubis: mandingos african jizz sauce

Posted: 2012-03-31 06:42:21

joe: its the eye of the tiger.

Posted: 2011-12-15 11:59:40

waneko: u guys r stupid

Posted: 2011-11-28 13:56:12

idiot: i is speshley tarded tigggggggggerr wiff down sindyrome;.... i like baccon

Posted: 2011-02-02 13:36:45

Kid catcher eater: Idiots. I eat you.

Posted: 2011-01-27 12:44:49

Kid Eater:

Posted: 2011-01-27 12:44:09

baby: its the aburn tiger.

DUCKS R # 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO DUCKS

Posted: 2011-01-10 17:04:15

Fat and long: Hur hur hur hur hur me love you long time!

Posted: 2010-12-10 20:39:16

nate: yahayh

Posted: 2010-12-01 10:21:17

:(: Kenny. We still love you.

Posted: 2010-10-29 18:26:23

up: Hes probably a cool lion.

Posted: 2010-10-15 19:02:29

Henry Ford: Sloppy cock in my rectim :))

Posted: 2010-10-15 17:33:45

doogie #2: that animal looks like what i pooped out last week

Posted: 2010-09-16 13:00:44

Masturbating Ninja: yo bitches watch this video Look at my name and type it on youtube

Posted: 2010-07-28 07:52:23

Hugh is gay: i am gay

Posted: 2010-06-01 20:47:47

josh: it looks like ya mum

Posted: 2010-06-01 20:46:53

Matt: i love balls

Posted: 2010-06-01 20:46:38

Mohammed-(the ninja): Eat dick shit face

Posted: 2010-05-25 20:53:16

Shit Face: Llalalalalalalaal

Posted: 2010-05-25 20:33:01

Kids: I have a bear trap in my arss, come and ge it

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:52:58

Kid catcher: I have a bear trap fetish so I don't have nothin to get up

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:52:20

Kids: I can get it higher than you

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:51:38

Kid catcher: hahahaha u can't get it up

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:51:06

Kids : Its wierd gunk oze out my eyes

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:50:59

Kids: hey that was me

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:50:14

Kid Catcher: I swapped meds with a stranger

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:49:49

Kids: I'll make sure i bring a pocket knife

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:49:24

Kid catcher: I is Gonna ride you like a buffalo

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:48:45

Kids: Fuck you creepy old man with dull sexy pubes

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:48:09

Sap: I come from a tree

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:47:25

Kid catcher: i is Gonna Get U kids!!!!!

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:47:18

Dr. NoPenis: I have no penis, I can't have herpes!!!!!!

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:43:52

Dr. Drew: U have genetal herpes

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:43:03

Bum faced monkey: The Cat Empire is the best

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:42:59

Dr. Drew: WE want the old Ke$ha Back!

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:42:09

Dr. Awesome: Don't make fun of them

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:41:14

Terrets kid: MUTHA FUCKA asdfnAEA DICK MUNCH!@@#!@

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:39:47

Real Josh: Lies!

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:39:02

Josh: All those comments made by dean were acutaully me, I love kieran

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:38:37


Posted: 2010-05-25 17:35:09

Spiderman: I made out with superman once

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:34:47

Lord of the Flies: WTF is goin on

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:33:56

Doogle: Fuck of

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:33:42

Keiran : I stuck my penis in my dog doogle, when i think of you

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:32:51

Dean: Lets make out

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:32:49

Kieren: I love you Dean

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:32:07

Better Ranga: I'm not. I'm actually superman

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:30:34

Fellow Ranga: I'm inbred

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:29:58

Josh : I jizzed in my hand and used it as hair gel. Then when I washed it I drank it like a smoothie

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:29:52

Dean: Thats hot

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:29:00

Josh: I suked my dog. It was GOOD!!!

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:27:54

gUY REPLIENG TO HITLER: Ranga's are awesome, better than tall fucked up shits like yourself

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:27:07

Dean: I love cock

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:26:31

Hitler: Rangas area gay

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:26:02

Fucking Awesome man: shutup ass munch

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:25:56

Ass munch: God amn mongolians

Posted: 2010-05-25 17:24:55

dickface: faggots

Posted: 2010-05-12 15:20:31

bull shit: this is really ass and funky

Posted: 2010-04-21 09:02:42

billy bob: its pretyfunny but kinda mean

Posted: 2009-11-30 09:29:37

kimberly: i dont think thats really nice...is it a combination of a lion and a tiger and a dog? xD

Posted: 2009-11-26 12:29:59

ass: this is funny

Posted: 2009-11-19 08:48:03

ash and chris: we totaly own this its so stupid funny lookin and looks like our teacher haha

Posted: 2009-11-12 09:56:25

ash and chris:

Posted: 2009-11-12 09:55:39


Posted: 2009-11-10 15:00:58

ocho: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this is totally my walpaper

Posted: 2009-10-02 06:17:48

Joe: Haha loser!

Posted: 2009-09-24 13:29:05

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